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How much does a websit cost

With IBT Studio we have a fair and reasonable pricing range that will suit all businesses and projects required.

Here are some guidelines and a rough estimate for the cost of our services.

If you just want a basic website it’s not going to cost a lot. Something around the $1000-$1500 sounds about right. A static website is the best choice for your small business at beginning.

As a website alway updates content and images, types of smartly designed site which provides CMS (content management system) must be more suitable, and could be anywhere from $2000 to $3000 depending on functionality.

If you are trying to turn your visitor to an website member to offer online product purchasing, we highly recommend to go through by some of the most useful and secured ebusiness platform. The cost  would be $2500+ depending on the complexity of your business and market.

But this sort of website setup is also not going to really do much for you until people will find the site. So the online marketing solution like SEO, newsletter and social media promotion would not only attract lots of new visitors, but would also persuade them to do business with you. That of course is going to come with a $500 and up, depending on how much you want to promote your business and website.

If you would like a free no-obligation consultation with us to determine the exact price of your project, you can book a consultation right now online – book a free consultation now.

For helping us to fully understand the requirement on your new website, you could download and fill in a quotation worksheet and submit to us.